about us

wave-line is a professional provider of post-prodcution in Berlin since more than 35 years. You’ll find us in the district of Schöneberg, in the bussiness park Bülowbogen.

We focus on artistically ambitious long formats in Germany and abroad – from the classic documentary, feature film and reportages to cinema and television. We also gladly work with trailers, concert recordings, theater and corporate videos.  

We are known to live up to the wishes of our clients with highly creative empathy, and beyond that, we’ll solve the technical problems for you, posed by the convergence of the film and data world of today. Consider us a manufacture, in which each project will be individually treated and finalized with the best possible equipment and creative know-how.

To extend our portfolio, we’ll engage more intensively in production and co-production in the future.

  • Matthias Behrens

    Matthias Behrens

    CEO, color correction, editing, mastering, VFX

    The qualified engineer, Matthias Behrens, has been the manager of the company for more than 25 years and he has gained extensive experience in various positions, such as director, cinematographer, editor, sound engineer, colorist and producer.
    He was the technichal director of Transmediale, the Festival of Media Art and Digital Culture, for twelve years. After a multi-year guest professorship for Digital Film Montage at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, he took over the company on his own. He has been managing it since the year 2000, under the name wave-line GmbH. Beside being the executive, his main area is editing and colour grading.

  • Gert Rahn

    Gert Rahn

    Coordination Restoration, DVD and Blu-ray Authoring

    Gert Rahn is in charge of all questions concerning DVD and Blu-ray productions. In addition to communication studies and training in cinematography, he has a long-standing experience on set, in the production office and in film distribution. Out of this knowledge he developed the DVD and Blu-ray production area for our company and he has been the head of it since the beginning. All the information that are relevant for our productions, lie in his hands: Concept, cost planning, execution and duplication.

  • Domingo Stephan

    Domingo Stephan

    DCP, color correction, Mastering, VFX

    As Domingo Stephan was studying Theater, German Philology and Media Studies, he discovered his love for film and technology, and he has made his passion into his profession. After gathering experiences on several film sets (DIT and data wrangler, sound recording), he has specialized in mastering, colour grading, animation, effects and DCP. In addition to his work as a digital artist, he also manages our networks, maintains the editing stations and takes care of applying new hard- and software.

  • Silke Albrecht

    Silke Albrecht

    Inhouse Producer, Editor

    Silke Albrecht takes care of appointments, projects, clients, the scheduling of staff and deadlines. She also places her hands on the technology, when it comes down to it.
    After an apprenticeship as media designer for moving pictures and sounds she studied documentary filmmaking.

  • Meiling Lin

    Meiling Lin

    Inhouse Producer

    Meiling Lin takes care of appointments, projects, clients, the scheduling of staff and deadlines.

  • Klemens Golf

    Klemens Golf


    Klemens Golf is in charge of our book-keeping and has thus found the best undercover position within the framework of his research project in Berlin. With the finest compensation of autism, is he able to handle our numbers and to keep a reliable eye on the accounts. He appreciates the cultural level of the customers and the productions, that take place at wave-line.

  • Kai Hoffmann

    Kai Hoffmann

    Soundrecording, Sounddesign, Mixing

    Kai Hoffmann has been working as a sound designer, recorder, editor and mixer for more than twenty years. His many years of experience in the audiobook and speech production have benefited our sound studio since 2007. His vita includes documentary and feature films, short films, trailers, audio books, music productions, readings and documentations for museums and exhibitions.

  • Mathias Wendt

    Mathias Wendt

    Soundrecording, Sounddesign, Mixing

    For the sound mixer and music producer Mathias Wendt, it all started with the love for music. His contact with the world of film emerged through the so-called second way. His musical productions aroused interest by MDyke Fimtonstudio. The rest is history. He has been working as a freelance sound designer, recorder, editor and mixer for ten years, and has since successfully carried out numerous of well-known cinema and TV productions.